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Year 2015 New Products Release
MAR-2015 - G-Shock: FROGMAN in Camouflage - GF-8250CM-2MAR Slideshow
MAR-2015 - G-Shock: RANGEMAN in Camouflage - GW-9400CMJ-3
MAR-2015 - G-Shock: S Series, Rose motif - GMA-S110F-1A, GMA-S110F-2A, GMA-S110F-4A, GMA-S110F-7A
MAR-2015 - G-Shock: S Series, Gold motif - GMA-S110GD-2A, GMA-S110GD-4A1, GMA-S110GD-4A2
MAR-2015 - PROTREK: Triple sensor ver. 3, Titanium band, outdoor gear, multiband6, tough solar - PRW-3500T-7
MAR-2015 - EDIFICE: Super illuminator, Genuine leather band, Pink gold ion plated, leather band
- EFR-547D-1AV, EFR-547D-2AV, EFR-547SG-7AV, EFR-547L-1AV, EFR-547L-7AV
MAR-2015 - Standard Analog, His and Hers pairs, 50-meter water resistance, day and date display, Gold
MAR-2015 - Standard Analog: His and Hers pairs - MTP-E304GB-2AV, LTP-E304GB-2AV, MTP-E304GBL-2AV, LTP-E304GBL-2AV
MAR-2015 - Standard Analog, Ladies, Gorgeous lame sprinkled bezel
- LTP-1391D-2AV, LTP-1391D-4AV, LTP-1391D-7AV, LTP-1391SG-7AV, LTP-1391RG-7AV, LTP-1391L-4AV, LTP-1391L-7AV
MAR-2015 - Clock: pocket watch look, small second dial - IQ-66-5, IQ-66-8
FEB-2015 - G-SHOCK: Polarization marble pattern, 10-year battery life - GD-X6900PM-1, GA-110PM-1A, DW-5600PM-1
FEB-2015 - PROTREK: Triple Sensor, Smart Access, Tough Movement,Tough Solar, Wave Ceptor, Multband6, slim, PRW-6000YT-1B
FEB-2015 - G-SHOCK: Big Case, LED illumination, rotary switch - GA-400A-2A, GA-400A-6A, GA-400A-9AFEB Slideshow
FEB-2015 - G-SHOCK: Heathered Colors Series, 10-year battery life
-GD-X6900HT-1, GD-X6900HT-2, GD-X6900HT-3, GD-X6900HT-4, GD-X6900HT-7, GD-X6900HT-8, GD-X6900HT-9
Baby-G: Runner's Watch, wide digital face, sportswear - BG-6903-3, BG-6903-4B, BG-6903-7C
FEB-2015 - PROTREK: Triple Sensor, touch elegance, outdoor gear- PRW-3500-1, PRW-3500Y-1, PRW-3500Y-4
FEB-2015 - EDIFICE: Neobrite index, cloth band, leather band,
- EFR-546D-1AV, EFR-546SG-1AV, EFR-546SG-7AV, EFR-546L-1AV, EFR-546L-7AV, EFR-546C-1AV, EFR-546C-2AV
FEB-2015 - EDIFICE: Large Case, Powerful design, Black ion plated -EFR-538BK-2AV
FEB-2015 - SHEEN: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, LAME powder embedded, elegant design, Gold ion plated - SHE-3803GD-9A
FEB-2015 - SHEEN: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, pink gold ion plated, dress-up wear - SHE-3030BSG-7A
FEB-2015 - Standard Analog: Men, 100-meter water resistance, LED light- FT-500WC-1BV, FT-500WC-3BV, FT-500WC-5BV
FEB-2015 - Standard Analog: Men, water resistant, easy-to-read Arabic numerals - MQ-71-1B, MQ-71-2B, MQ-71-4B
FEB-2015 - Standard Analog: Men, 50M water resistant, day and date display - MTF-117BD-1AV, MTF-117BD-9AV, MTF-117BL-5A, MTF-117BL-9AV
FEB-2015 - Standard Analog: Men, 50-meter water resistance, date display - MTF-118BD-1AV, MTF-118BD-9AV, MTF-118B-1AV, MTF-118G-2AV
FEB-2015 - Standard Analog: Ladies, 50-meter water resistance, day and date, feminine design
- LTP-E401D-7AV, LTP-E401G-9AV, LTP-E401PG-9AV, LTP-E401L-7AV, LTP-E401GL-9AV, LTP-E401PL-9AV
FEB-2015 - Standard Analog: Ladies, 50M water resistance, feminine design, rose gold ion plated
- LTP-E402D-7AV, LTP-E402G-9AV, LTP-E402PG-9AV, LTP-E402L-7AV, LTP-E402GL-9AV, LTP-E402PL-9AV
FEB-2015 - CLOCK: Dual Time dial, classical look, brown - IQ-65-5
JAN-2015 - Baby-G: X-girl Tie Up Model - BGD-500XG-4JAN Slideshow
JAN-2015 - G-Shock: Bluetooth music-themed G'MIX watches - GBA-400-3B, GBA-400-4B, GBA-400-8B
JAN-2015 - Baby-G: Sporty sneaker colors, casual fashion - BA-110SN-1A, BA-110SN-3A, BA-110SN-4A, BA-110SN-7A
JAN-2015 - G-SHOCK: Military black series - GD-120MB-1, GA-110MB-1A, GD-400MB-1, GA-100MB-1A
JAN-2015 - G-SHOCK: Big Case, Crazy Gold Series -GA-110GD-9B2, GA-110GD-9B, GA-200GD-9B2, GA-200GD-9B
JAN-2015 - G-SHOCK: GRAVITYMASTER, Neon Illuminator, Neo-brite luminous, digital compass - GA-1000-9G
JAN-2015 - Standard Analog: Men's, genuine leather, day and date indicator
- MTP-E302D-1A, MTP-E302D-7A, MTP-E302G-9A, MTP-E302L-1A, MTP-E302L-7A
JAN-2015 - Standard Analog: Men's, genuine leather, day and date indicator
- MTP-E107D-1A, MTP-E107D-7A, MTP-E107G-9A, MTP-E107L-1A, MTP-E107L-7A
JAN-2015 - Standard Analog, Men's, genuine leather, Gold Ion plated
- MTP-E303D-1AV, MTP-E303D-7AV, MTP-E303SG-1AV, MTP-E303SG-9AV, MTP-E303L-1AV, MTP-E303L-7AV, MTP-E303GL-1AV, MTP-E303GL-9AV
JAN-2015 - Standard Analog: Men's, genuine leather, 50M water resistance - MTP-E108D-1AV, MTP-E108D-7AV, MTP-E108L-1AV, MTP-E108L-7AV
JAN-2015 - CLOCK: Stylish timekeeping, light blue, green, pink, yellow - IQ-64-2, IQ-64-3, IQ-64-4, IQ-64-9
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