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Year 2016 New Products Release
APR-2016 - Baby-G: White Tricolor Series, Neon Illuminator, Direct Start Stopwatch, Casual, col, feminine
- BGA-110TR-7B, BGA-185TR-7A, BGA-130TR-7B, BA-120TR-7B, BA-110TR-7A
APR-2016 - Baby-G: Monotone color, metal protector, adult cool - BGD-501UM-2, BGD-501UM-3, BGD-501UM-7, BGD-501UM-8
APR-2016 - Standard Digital: 50-meter water resistant, alarm, stopwatch, LED backlight - W-216H-1CV, W-216H-2BV, W-216H-3BV
APR-2016 - PROTREK: Triple Sensor, Field composite band, STN, LCD, Tough Solar, Wave Ceptor - PRW-3510FC-1
APR-2016 - Sheen: Swarovski, Crystal, Pink Gold, 50M water resistant - SHE-3809D-7A, SHE-3809SG-7A, SHE-3809PG-9A
APR-2016 - Sheen: Swarovski, Crystal, Pink Gold, 50M water resistant
- Leather band, SHE-3048PGL-6A, SHE-3048PGL-7A, SHE-3048PG-4A, SHE-3048PG-7A, SHE-3048PG-9A
APR-2016 - Standard Analog: Men's, Retrograde day indicator, 50M water resistant, date display
- MTP-E124D-1AV, MTP-E124D-2AV, MTP-E124D-7AV, MTP-E124L-1AV, MTP-E124L-7AV
APR-2016 - Calculator: Dual time, alarm, water resistant - CA-506C-5A, CA-506G-9A, CA-506B-1A
MAR-2016 - SHEEN: Gorgeous pink gold case, fashionable red leather band
- SHE-3029PGL-7A, SHE-3034GL-7B, SHE-3046GLP-7B, SHE-5023GL-7B, SHE-4029PGL-7A
MAR-2016 - G-SHOCK: ISO764, class magnetic resistance, summer blue sky - GA-110WB-7A
MAR-2016 - G-SHOCK: Tricolor, Speed measurement, ISO764 - GA-120TR-1A, GA-120TR-4A, GA-120TR-7A, GA-120TRM-7A
- GPW-1000RD-4A, GWG-1000RD-4A, GWN-1000RD-4A
MAR-2016 - G-SHOCK: MUDMASTER, Twin Sensor, Compass, Thermometer, direction, temperature
- GG-1000-1A, GG-1000-1A3, GG-1000-1A5
MAR-2016 - Protrek: Triple Sensor, smart access, tough solar, wave ceptor, multiband 6, Field composite band
- PRW-6100Y-1, PRW-6100Y-1A, PRW-6100YT-1, PRW-6100FC-1
MAR-2016 - Protrek: Triple Sensor, tough solar, wave ceptor, multiband6, Field composite band
- PRW-3100FC-1, PRW-3510-1, PRW-3510Y-1
MAR-2016 - EDIFICE: Dual Dail World Time, Smartphones, Bluetooth, Tough Solar - EQB-500D-1A2, EQB-500DB-2A
MAR-2016 - EDIFICE: Made in JAPAN, sapphire crystal
- EFB-301JD-1A, EFB-301JD-2A, EFB-310JD-7A, EFB-301JL-7A
MAR-2016 - EDIFICE: Made in JAPAN, Sapphire crystal
- EFB-504JD-1A, EFB-504JD-2A, EFB-504JL-1A, EFB-504JL-7A
MAR-2016 - SHEEN: Gorgeous pink gold case, fashionable red leather band
- SHE-3029PGL-7A, SHE-3034GL-7B, SHE-3046GLP-7B, SHE-5023GL-7B, SHE-4029PGL-7A
MAR-2016 - SHEEN: Swarovski Crystal, Pink gold ion plated case, 50M water resistance - SHE-4033SG-7A, SHE-4034D-7A
MAR-2016 - Standard Analog: His-and-hers fashion, Twinkle dial, slim case design, 50M water resistance
- MTP-TW100D-1AV, MTP-TW100D-2AV, MTP-TW100D-4AV, MTP-TW100D-5AV, MTP-TW100D-7AV, , MTP-TW100L-1AV, MTP-TW100L-5AV, MTP-TW100L-7A1V, MTP-TW100L-7A2V, LTP-TW100D-1AV, LTP-TW100D-2AV, LTP-TW100D-4AV, LTP-TW100D-5AV, LTP-TW100D-7AV, LTP-TW100L-1AV, LTP-TW100L-5AV, LTP-TW100L-7A1VL, LTP-TW100L-7A2V
MAR-2016 - Standard Analog: His-and-hers fashion, Twinkle dial, slim case design, 50M water resistance
- MTP-TW101D-1AV, MTP-TW101D-7AV, , MTP-TW101L-1AV, MTP-TW101L-7AV, LTP-TW101D-1AV, LTP-TW101D-7AV, LTP-TW101L-1AV, LTP-TW101L-7AV
FEB-2016 - G-SHOCK: S Series, rose gold accent, casual fashion
- GMA-S110CM-2A, GMA-S110CM-3A, GMA-S110CM-7A1, GMA-S110CM-7A2, GMA-S100CM-8A
FEB Slideshow
FEB-2016 - G-SHOCK: G-STEEL, Layer guard structure
- GST-210B-1A, GST-210B-4A, GST-200CP-2A, GST-200CP-9A
FEB-2016 - G-SHOCK: GRAVITYMASTER - GA-1100-2B, GA-1100-9G
FEB-2016 - G-SHOCK: ISO764 class magnetic resistance, Rotary switch - GA-400GB-1A4, GA-400GB-1A9, GA-400GB-1A
FEB-2016 - BABY-G: Dual Dial World Time, adult sports fashion
- BGA-210-2B2, BGA-210-4B2, BGA-210-7B3, BGA-210-7B4
FEB-2016 - BABY-G: Female Runner, Running Gear - BGA-185-2A, BGA-185-4A, BGA-185-7A, BGA-185-9A
FEB-2016 - EDIFICE: Dual dial world time - EFR-304D-1AV, EFR-304D-2AV, EFR-304SG-7AV, EFR-304L-7AV, EFR-304BL-1AV
FEB-2016 - EDIFICE: Transparent dial - ESK-300D-1AV, ESK-300D-7AV, ESK-300SG-1AV, ESK-300L-7AV, ESK-300GL-1AV
FEB-2016 - Analog-Digital combination, Men's Sporty, 10-year battery life, world time - AEQ-100W-1AV, AEQ-100W-2AV, AEQ-100BW-9AV
FEB-2016 - Analog-Digital combination, Men's Sporty, 10-year battery life, world time - AEQ-110W-1AV, AEQ-110W-2AV, AEQ-110BW-9AV
FEB-2016 - Standard Analog, Men's Fashion, MTP-X100D-1AV, MTP-X100D-2AV, MTP-X100G-1AV, MTP-X100G-9AV, MTP-X100L-1AV, MTP-X100L-7AV
FEB-2016 - Standard Analog, Men's Fashion, MTP-X300D-1AV, MTP-X300D-7AV, MTP-X300G-1AV, MTP-X300L-1AV, MTP-X300L-4AV, MTP-X300L-7AV
FEB-2016 - Standard Analog, Men's Fashion, 50M WR, MTP-E119D-1AV, MTP-E119D-2AV, MTP-E119L-1AV, MTP-E119L-7AV
FEB-2016 - Standard Analog, His-and-hers fashion - MTP-E308D-1AV, MTP-E308D-7AV, MTP-E308SG-7AV, MTP-E308L-1AV, MTP-E308L-7AV, LTP-E308D-1AV, LTP-E308D-7AV, LTP-E308SG-7AV, LTP-E308L-4AV, LTP-E308L-7A1V, LTP-E308L-7A2V
FEB-2016 - Standard Analog, Shiny ring bezel, 50M WR - LX-500H-1BV, LX-500H-1EV, LX-500H-2BV, LX-500H-4EV, LX-500H-7B2V, LX-500H-7BV
FEB-2016 - CLOCK, Traveller's Analog, buzzer alarm - TQ-143S-1, TQ-143S-2, TQ-143S-4, TQ-143S-8
JAN-2016 - G-SHOCK: camouflage design motif, marbled pattern, gradation color, miltary, ISO764 class magnetic resistance, speed measurement - GA-100MM-3A, GA-100MM-5A, GA-100MM-8AJAN Slideshow
JAN-2016 - G-SHOCK: Denim design, his-and-hers pair model, BA-110DC, speed measurement, ISO764 class magnetic resistance - GA-110DC-1A, GA-110DC-2A7, GA-110DC-2A
JAN-2016 - Baby-G: 3D printing, denim textile pattern, his-and-hers pair model, GA-110DC,
- BA-110DC-2A1, BA-110DC-2A3, BA-110DC-2A2
JAN-2016 - Sporty Digital: 10-year battery life, world time, 100M water resistance, LED light, world map, AE-1000W-2AV, AE-1000W-3AV, AE-1000W-4AV, AE-1000W-4BV
JAN-2016 - G-SHOCK: G-STEEL, Layer guard structure, Super Illuminator - GST-210D-1A, GST-210D-9A
JAN-2016 - EDIFICE: Retrograde, Large dial, 100M water resistance
- EFR-552D-1A2V, EFR-552D-1AV, EFR-552SG-2AV, EFR-552L-2AV, EFR-552L-7AV
JAN-2016 - EDIFICE: Large dial, 100M water resistance, stopwatch, genuine leather band
- EFR-553D-1BV, EFR-553D-5BV, EFR-553D-7BV, EFR-553L-1BV, EFR-553L-7BV
JAN-2016 - Standard Analog: MEN, Solar powered, 100M ater resistance, Rotary bezel, Aluminum panel, diver look
- MRW-S310H-1BV, MRW-S310H-2BV, MRW-S310H-9BV
JAN-2016 - Standard Analog: Men, 100M water resistance, Rotary bezel, dayand date display, MRW-200H-2B2V, MRW-200H-7BV
JAN-2016 - Standard Analog: Large case, Men, 50M water resistance
- MW-240-1BV, MW-240-1B2V, MW-240-2BV, MW-240-3BV, MW-240-4BV, MW-240-7BV
JAN-2016 - Standard Analog: Men, Super Illuminator, 100M water resistance, day and date dispaly
- MTD-1082D-1AV, MTD-1082D-2AV, MTD-1082D-7AV, MTD-1082-1AV, MTD-1082-4AV, MTD-1082-9AV
JAN-2016 - Standard Analog: LADIES, FASHION, Water resisitant, star, crescent disign dial, genuine leather band
- LTP-E121D-1A, LTP-E121D-2A, LTP-E121D-4A, LTP-E121D-7A, LTP-E121L-4A, LTP-E121L-7A
JAN-2016 - Standard Analog: Water resistant, star, crescent design dail, date display, leather band
- LTP-E122D-1A, LTP-E122D-7A, LTP-E122L-1A, LTP-E122L-7A
JAN-2016 - Standard Analog: Ladies, fashion, water resistant, musical note design dial, genuine leather band
- LTP-E123D-1A, LTP-E123D-7A, LTP-E123L-4A, LTP-E123L-7A
JAN-2016 - CLOCK: Desktop, Thermometer, Hygometer, LED light, Snooze, Full auto calendar
- DQ-982N-1, DQ-982N-2, , DQ-982N-5, DQ-982N-7
Year 2015 New Products Release
DEC-2015 - G-Shock: ISO764, class magnetic resistance, Red theme color, pop, vivid design, speed measurement, military standard acquired - GA-201RD-4A, GA-110RD-4A, GD-X6900RD-4DEC Slideshow
DEC-2015 - G-Shock, ISO764, class magnetic resistance, blue tone camouflage face, GA-200CB-1A, GA-110CB-1A, GA-100CB-1A
DEC-2015 - Baby-G: Girls Generation Limited Models, Dual Dial world time - BGA-210GGA-1B, BGA-210GGB-7B
DEC-2015 - SHEEN: Girls Generation Limited Model, YOONA, Swarovski Crystal, 50M water resistance - SHE-4034CSG-7A
DEC-2015 - SHEEN: Swarovski Crystals, 50M water resistance, Date display, pink gold ion-plated, leather band - SHE-4046D-7A, SHE-4046PGL-7A
DEC-2015 - SHEEN: See-through face and dial, vitamin color, replaceable band, Swarovki Crystals, two-band package, 50M water resistance - SHE-4047LTD-4A
DEC-2015 - SHEEN: See-through dial, bright vitamin color leather bands, swarovski crystal, 50M water resistancce, Date display
- SHE-4047PGL-2A, SHE-4047PGL-4A, SHE-4047PGL-7A, SHE-4047PGL-9A
DEC-2015 - Standard Analog: Ladies, 50M water resistance, day and date indicator, retrograde day indicator
- LTP-2089D-1AV, LTP-2089D-7AV, LTP-2089RG-7AV, LTP-2089SG-7AV
DEC-2015 - Standard Analog: Ladies, water resistance, Lame-sprinkled, date display, leather band
- LTP-E120D-1A, LTP-E120D-7A, LTP-E120RG-9A, LTP-E120SG-9A, LTP-E120L-7A1, LTP-E120L-7A2
NOV-2015 - G-SHOCK: Johnny Cupcakes Collaboration Model, multi-hued design, 10-year battery life - GD-X6900JC-3
NOV-2015 - G-SHOCK: BURTON Collaboration model, Rangeman, Triple Sensor, snow-covered mountain - GW-9400BTJ-8
NOV-2015 - PROTREK: Triple Sensor, Outdoor adventurer, replaceable bands - PRW-3100G-3, PRW-6000SG-3NOV Slideshow
NOV-2015 - G-SHOCK x BABY-G: G PRESENTS LOVER'S COLLECTION 2015, barn owl, monogamous bird, Devil & Angel
LOV-15A-7ADR (GA-110LC-7A, BA-110LC-7A)
NOV-2015 - Baby-G: Girls Generation, cool design, elegantly color bezel, adult sports fashons
- BGA-210-1B, BGA-210-2B, BGA-210-4B, BGA-210-7B1, BGA-210-7B2
NOV-2015 - Baby-G: Pop graffiti design, Analog-Digital - BA-120SC-1A, BA-120SC-7A, BA-120SC-9A
NOV-2015 - Baby-G: Neo-pastel colors, lustrous, casual, girlie fashion - BA-110CA-2A, BA-110CA-4A, BA-110CA-9A
NOV-2015 - EDIFICE: Dual Dial World Time, 100M Water resistance, world map dial - EFR-303D-1AV, EFR-303D-7AV, EFR-303L-1AV
NOV-2015 - SHEEN: Swarovski Crystals, Retrograde, Shell face - SHE-3042SG-7A, SHE-3042D-2AV, SHE-3042D-7A
NOV-2015 - SHEEN: Swarovski Crystal, Retrograde day indicator, 50M water resistance, Pink gold ion plated
-SHE-3043SG-7A, SHE-3043PG-9A, SHE-3043D-7A
NOV-2015 - SHEEN, Swarovski Crystal, 50M water resistance, date indicator - SHE-3046DP-7A, SHE-3046SGP-7A, SHE-3046GLP-7A
NOV-2015 - SHEEN: Swarovski Crystal, Super Illuminator, 50M water resistance, Day and date indicator
-SHE-3047D-7A, SHE-3047SG-7A, SHE-3047B-1A, SHE-3047L-4A
NOV-2015 - BESIDE: 50M water resistance, date display, genuine leather band - BEM-512D-1AV, BEM-512D-7AV, BEM-512L-1AV, BEM-512L-7AV
NOV-2015 - BESIDE: 50M water resistance, small second hand, date display, genuine leather band
- BEM-150D-1AV, BEM-150D-7AV, BEM-150L-1AV, BEM-150L-7AV
NOV-2015 - Standard Analog: LADIES, Water resistant, Mid Size case, Nubuck-like leather band
-LTP-E117D-1A, LTP-E117D-7A, LTP-E117G-2A, LTP-E117G-9A, LTP-E117RL-2A, LTP-E117RL-5A, , LTP-E117RL-7A, LTP-E117RL-9A
NOV-2015 - Standard Analog: LADIES, Water resistant, Mid Size case, Nubuck-like leather band
-LTP-E118D-1A, LTP-E118D-2A, LTP-E118G-5A, LTP-E118G-9A, LTP-E118RL-2A, LTP-E118RL-5A, LTP-E118RL-7A, LTP-E118RL-9A
NOV-2015 - EDIFICE: 100M water resistance, date display, gold ion-plated - EFR-526SG-7A5V, EFR-526SG-7A9V
OCT-2015 - G-SHOCK: Master of G, Black & Gold, Mudmaster, Gulfmaster, Gravitymaster
- GWG-1000GB-1A, GWN-1000GB-1A, GPW-1000GB-1A
OCT Slideshow
OCT-2015 - G-SHOCK, Master of G, GRAVITYMASTER, Triple G Resist, GPS, Carbon-fiber insert band, super illuminator, dual dail world time - GPW-1000V-1A
OCT-2015 - Protrek: Triple sensor, Tough Solar, Wave Ceptor, Multiband6, Camouflage pattern - PRW-6000SC-7
OCT-2015 - G-SHOCK: ALIFE, Collaboration, 10-years battery life - GD-X6900AL-2
OCT-2015 - G-SHOCK: G'MIX, Bluetooth, App, Music Control, smartphone - GBA-400-2C, GBA-400-4C, GBA-400-7C
OCT-2015 - G-Shock: Rangeman, Sunrise, Purple, carbon-fiber - GW-9400SRJ-4
OCT-2015 - Baby-G: G-LIDE, Tide Graph, surfing - BGA-180-2B2, BGA-180-2B3, BGA-180-4B4
OCT-2015 - Protrek: Triple Sensor, Camouflage, Tough solar, sunrise, sunset, multiband6 - PRG-300CM-7
OCT-2015 - EDIFICE: 100 meter water resistance, large dial, Blue ion-plated - EFR-549BB-2AV
OCT-2015 - SHEEN: Pink gold, Swarovski, Crystals - SHE-4034BSG-7A
OCT-2015 - Standard Analog: His-and-hers pairs, navy, gold, retrograde day indicator, 50 meter water resistance
OCT-2015 - Standard Analog: Mens, retrograde day indicator, 50 meter water resistance
- MTP-E116D-1AV, MTP-E116D-2AV, MTP-E116D-7AV, MTP-E116L-1AV, MTP-E116L-7AV
OCT-2015 - Standard Analog: Ladies, retrograde day indicator, 50 meter water resistance
- LTP-E116D-1AV, LTP-E116D-2AV, LTP-E116D-4AV, LTP-E116L-1AV, LTP-E116L-7AV
OCT-2015 - CLOCK: Thermo & Hygrometer - ID-17-5, ID-17-7, ID-17-8, ID-17-9
SEP-2015 - G-Shock: GPS, Wave Ceptor, Gravitymaster - GPW-S1000V-1ASEP Slideshow
SEP-2015 - G-Shock: G-LIDE, multi-colored - GLS-8900AR-1, GLS-8900AR-2, GLS-8900AR-3
SEP-2015 - G-Shock: white & black, monotone design - GA-100BW-1A, GA-110BW-1A
SEP-2015 - G-Shock: his-and-heers pair model(BA-110NC) - GA-110NC-2A, GA-110NC-6A
SEP-2015 - Baby-G: His-and-hers pair model(GA-110NC) - BA-110NC-2A, BA-11ONC-6A
SEP-2015 - SHEEN: SWAROVSKI Crystals, Mother of Pearl face, Moon Phase - SHE-3044D, SHE-3044D-4A, SHE-3044SG-7A, SHE-3045L-7A
SEP-2015 - Edifice: Large dial series - EFR-106SG-7A5V, EFR-106SG-7A9V, EFR-106BB-7A, EFR-106D-1A2V, EFR-106D-1AV, EFR-106D-8AV
SEP-2015 - Edifice: Gold ion plated band, EFR-526SG-7A5V, EFR-526SG-7A9V
SEP-2015 - Standard Analog: Ladies, check pattern faces
- LTP-1392D-2AV, LTP-1392D-4AV, LTP-1392D-7AV, LTP-1392L-2AV, LTP-1392L-4AV, LTP-1392L-9AV
SEP-2015 - Standard Analog: Ladies, Stripe pattern faces
- LTP-1393D-7A1V, LTP-1393D-7A2V, LTP-1393D-7A3V, LTP-1393L-2AV, LTP-1393L-7A1V, LTP-1393L-7A2V
SEP-2015 - PROTREK: Triple Sensor, wave ceptor, tough solar, PRW-S3100-1
SEP-2015 - Standard Analog: Men - MTP-E306D-1A, MTP-E306D-5A, MTP-E306L-1A, MTP-E306L-7A
SEP-2015 - Standard Analog: Men - MTP-E307D-1A, MTP-E307D-2A, MTP-E307L-1A, MTP-E307L-7A
SEP-2015 - CLOCK: Thermometer, Hygrometer, LED light - DQ-981-2, DQ-981-7, DQ-981-8, DQ-981-9
AUG-2015 - G-SHCOK: G-STEEL Layer guard structure, Tough Solar, Double LED
- GST-S110-1A - GST-S100G-1A, GST-S110BD-1A2
AUG Slideshow
AUG-2015 - G-SHOCK: MUDMASTER Triple Sensor, Multiband 6, Tough Solar - GWG-1000-1A, GWG-1000-1A3, GWG-1000-1A9
AUG-2015 - G-SHOCK: GULFMASTER Twin Sensor, Tide Graph, Mood Data, Super Illuminator
- GN-1000B-1A, GN-1000B-8A, GN-1000B-1A, GN-1000B-9A
AUG-2015 - BABY-G: Digital-analog, sporty, geometric pattern - BA-120-1B, BA-120-2B, BA-120-7B, BA-120-9B
AUG-2015 - EDIFICE, Red Bull Racing Limited Edition, Tough Solar, Bluetooth
- EQB-500RBB-2A, EFR-550RB-2A, EFR-539RB-2A, EFR-549RBB-2A, EFR-549RBP-2A
AUG-2015 - PROTREK: Triple Sensor, tough solar, wave ceptor - PRW-3100-1, PRW-3100-6, PRW-3100Y-1, PRW-3100T-7
AUG-2015 - PROTREK, Triple Sensor, tough solar, wave ceptor, smart access - PRW-3500SYT-1, PRW-6000SYT-1
AUG-2015 - EDIFICE: Dual dial world time, 100M water resistance - EFR-550D-1AV, EFR-550D-7AV, EFR-550L-1AV
AUG-2015 - EDIFICE: TWIN SENSOR, Thermometer, compass, super illuminator, Tachymeter - ERA-200DB-1A9
AUG-2015 - Digital-Analog combination: 50M water resistance, 10-year battery life, Telememo 30, LED light
- AW-80-1A2V, AW-80-7A2V, AW-80D-1A2V, AW-80D-7A2V
AUG-2015 - Standard Analog: LADIES' water resistant, cloth band design
- LQ-142LB-1A, LQ-142LB-1B, LQ-142LB-2A2, LQ-142LB-4A2, LQ-142LB-4A, LQ-142LB-7B
AUG-2015 - Standard Analog, MEN'S, Water resistant, day and date display
- MTP-V006D-1B, MTP-V006D-7B, MTP-V006SG-9B, MTP-V006G-9B, MTP-V006L-1B, MTP-V006L-7B, MTP-V006GL-7B, MTP-V006GL-9B
AUG-2015 - Standard Analog: MEN'S, Water resistant
- MTP-V007D-1E, MTP-V007D-7E, MTP-V007SG-9E, MTP-V007G-9E, MTP-V007L-1E, MTP-V007L-7E1, MTP-V007L-7E2, MTP-V007L-9E
AUG-2015 - Standard Analog: MEN'S, water resistant Date display - MTP-V008D-1B, MTP-V008D-2B, MTP-V008D-7B, MTP-V008L-1B, MTP-V008L-7B1, MTP-V008L-7B2, MTP-V008B-1B, MTP-V008B-3B, MTP-V008B-5B, MTP-V008B-7B
AUG-2015 - Standard Analog: LADIES' Water resistant, Day and date display - LTP-V006D-1B, LTP-V006D-2B, LTP-V006D-4B, LTP-V006D-7B, LTP-V006SG-9B, LTP-V006G-9B, LTP-V006L-1B, LTP-V006L-7B, LTP-V006GL-7B, LTP-V006GL-9B
AUG-2015 - Standard Analog: LADIES' water resistant - LTP-V007D-1E, LTP-V007D-2E, LTP-V007D-4E, LTP-V007D-7E, LTP-V007SG-9E, LTP-V007G-9E, LTP-V007L-1E, LTP-V007L-7E1, LTP-V007L-7E2, LTP-V007L-9E
AUG-2015 - G-SHOCK: Yamagata, multiband6, tough solar, Triple G Resist, Core Guard structure - MTG-S1000V-1A
AUG-2015 - G-SHOCK: Multi-time, super illuminator, ISO764, magnetic resistance
- GD-120CS-1, GD-120CS-6, GA-400CS-7A, GA-400CS-9A
AUG-2015 - G-SHOCK: SUPRA Collaboration, 10-year battery, high-brightness LED backlight -GD-X6900SP-1
AUG-2015 - G-SHOCK: S Series, SUPRA Collaboration - GMD-S6900SP-7
AUG-2015 - G-SHOCK: Heathered color, Speed measurement, ISO764 class magnetic resistance
- GA-110HT-1A, GA-110HT-2A, GA-110HT-7A, GA-110HT-8A
AUG-2015 - BABY-G: multi-color, leopard designs, street wear, casual fashions
- BA-120LP-1A, BA-120LP-2A, BA-120LP-7A1, BA-120LP-7A2
AUG-2015 - Standard Digital: sporty digital, 10-year battery life - AE-2100W-1AV, AE-2100W-4AV, AE-2100WD-1AV
JUL-2015 - LOGOSEASE: Underwater Walkie-Talkie (Chinese Catalog)
JUL-2015 - SHEEN: cut glass crystal, Swarovski, 50M water resistance, SHE-3035D-7A, SHE-3035D-7A2JUL Slideshow
JUL-2015 - PROTREK: Camouflage Series, Triple sensor, tough solar, outdoor gear - PRG-300CM-3, PRG-300CM-4
JUL-2015 - G-SHOCK: G-STEEL, Layer guard structure, tough solar, double LED
- GST-S110D-1A, GST-S100D-1A2, GST-S100D-1A4
JUL-2015 - G-SHOCK: Camouflage Series, 10-year battery life, super illuminator
- GD-X6900MC-1, GD-X6900MC-3, GD-X6900MC-5, GD-X6900MC-7
JUL-2015 - G-SHOCK: NEO METALLIC COLORS, speed measurement, ISO764 class magnetic resistance
- GA-110NM-2A, GA-110NM-3A, GA-110NM-4A, GA-110NM-9A
JUL-2015 - G-SHOCK: GPS hybrid Wave Ceptor, GRAVITYMASTER, multiband6, tough solar, smart access, super illuminator, dual dial world time, triple G Resist - GPW-1000T-1A
JUL-2015 - BABY-G: Flower leopard, multi-colored balance, fashion llok, casual, girly
- BA-110FL-3A, BA-110FL-7A, BA-110FL-8A
JUL-2015 - EDIFICE: Large dial, 100M water resistance, 1-second stopwatch
- EFR-549D-1A2V, EFR-549D-1A8V, EFR-549SG-1AV, EFR-549SG-7AV, EFR-549L-1AV, EFR-549L-7AV
JUL-2015 - Sports Gear: Triple sensor, digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, low-temperature resistant, 100M water resistance
- SGW-1000-1A, SGW-1000-2B, SGW-1000B-4A
JUL-2015 - Sports Gear: Twin Sensor, digital compass, thermometer, world time, EL backlight, low-temperature resistant, 200M water resistance
- SGW-100-2B, SGW-100B-3A2
JUL-2015 - Sports Gear: Twin Sensor, Barometer, Altimeter, Thermometer, world time, EL backlight, low-temperature resistant, 100M water resistance - SGW-450H-1A, SGW-450H-2B, SGW-450HD-1B
JUL-2015 - Standard Digital: Runner, Tough Solar, lap memory 120, LED light, 100M water resistance - STL-S110H-1A, STL-S110H-1B, STL-S110H-1C
JUL-2015 - Standard Digital: Runner, Tough Solar, lap memory 100, LED light, 100M water resistance - STL-S300H-1A, STL-S300H-1B, STL-S300H-4A
JUL-2015 - Standard Analog: Men's, solar pwered, 50M water resistance
- MTP-S101D-1BV, MTP-S101D-2BV - MTP-S101L-1BV, MTP-S101L-9BV, MTP-S101-1BV, MTP-S101-7BV
JUL-2015 - Standard Analog: Ladies, date disply, 50M water resistance, lame-sprinkled bezel, dress-up wear
- LTP-1358G-2AV, LTP-1358G-4AV, LTP-1358G-6AV
JUL-2015 - Standard Analog: Ladies', Date display, 50M water resistance, lame-sprinkled, dress-up wear
- LTP-1359G-2AV, LTP-1359G-4AV, LTP-1359G-6AV
JUL-2015 - Standard Analog: Ladies, day and date indicator, 50M water resistance, lame-sprinkled, feminine and elegant design
- LTP-2087G-2AV, LTP-2087G-4AV, LTP-2087G-6AV
JUN-2015 - G-Shock: S Series, unique floral motif, stree-smart, smaller configuration - GMD-S6900F-1, GMD-S6900F-4
JUN-2015 - G-SHOCK: G-LIDE, Surfers, monotone, colorful csual, vintage flower design
- GLX-5600F-1, GLX-5600F-2, GLX-5600F-4, GLX-5600F-8
JUN Slideshow
JUN-2015 - BESIDE: Moon phase dial, day and date indicator, 50M water resistance - BEM-312D-1AV, BEM-312D-7AV
JUN-2015 - PROTREK: Triple Sensor, Tough Solar, Wave Ceptor, Multiband6 - PRW-S3500-1
JUN-2015 - PROTREK, Triple Sensor, Tough Solar, super illuminator, casual fashion colors, outdoor gear, PRG-300-1A2, PRG-300-1A4, PRG-300-1A9, PRG-300-7
JUN-2015 - EDIFICE: Dual Dail World Time, Digital-Analog, 2-city display, super illuminator
- ERA-500D-1A, ERA-500DB-1A, ERA-500L-1A
JUN-2015 - SHEEN: Super Illuminator, Swarovski Crystals, pink gold ion plated - SHE-3040PG-9A, SHE-3041PGL-7A
JUN-2015 - SHEEN: Illumination Index, day and date indicator, 50M water resistance
- SHE-3036L-4A, SHE-3036L-7A2, SHE-3036L-7A, SHE-3036D-4A, SHE-3036D-7A
JUN-2015 - Standard Analog: MEN'S, Super illuminator, day and date display, 50M water resistance
- MTP-E202D-1AV, MTP-E202L-1AV, MTP-E202L-7AV, MTP-E202-2AV, MTP-E202-3AV
JUN-2015 - Standard Analog: His and Hers pairs, simple, easy to use design, water resistant
- MTP-E113D-1A, MTP-E113D-7A, MTP-E113L-1A, MTP-E113L-2A, MTP-E113L-5A, LTP-E113D-1A, LTP-E113D-7A, LTP-E113L-2A, LTP-E113L-4A1, LTP-E113L-4A2, LTP-E113L-7A
JUN-2015 - Standard Analog: His and Hers pairs, simple, easy to use design, water resistant
- MTP-E114D-1A, MTP-E114D-7A, MTP-E114L-1A, MTP-E114L-2A, MTP-E114L-5A, LTP-E114D-1A, LTP-E114D-7A, LTP-E114L-2A, LTP-E114L-4A1, LTP-E114L-4A2, LTP-E114L-6A, LTP-E114L-7A
JUN-2015 - Calculator: Heavy duty, desk-top type, compact desk type - DS-3B, DS-2B, DS-2B-GD, GS-1B, GS-1B-GD, JS-40B, JS-40B-GD, JS-20B, JS-20B-GD, JS-10B, JS-140TVS-SR, JS-140TVS-BK, JS-120TVS-SR, JS-120TVS-BK
MAY-2015 - G-SHOCK: SLASH PATTERN, roughness, casual design
- DW-5600SL-1, DW-5600SL-7, GA-110SL-3A, GA-110SL-4A, GA-110SL-8A
MAY Slideshow
MAY-2015 - G-SHOCK: Tri-color maritime design, ultimate in toughness, speed indicator
- GA-201TR-7A, GA-110TR-7A
MAY-2015 - EDIFICE: Bluetooth, Smartphone, Dual Dial World time, 300 cities, Tough Solar
- EQB-510D-1A, EQB-510DC-1A
MAY-2015 - EDIFICE: Bluetooth, Smartphone, dual dial world time, tough solar, 300 cities, super illuminator
- ECB-500D-1A, ECB-500DC-1A
MAY-2015 - Baby-G: Traditional design, face protector, street fashions - BGD-501-1B, BGD-501-4B, BGD-501-4, BGD-501-7B
MAY-2015 - EDIFICE: Neobrite hour markers, 100M water resistance, Black ion plated case - EFR-546BKG-1AV, EFR-546L-2AV
MAY-2015 - EDIFICE: Super illuminator, date display, 100M water resistance, Ion plated band - EFR-547BKG-1AV, EFR-547SG-7A9V
MAY-2015 - SHEEN: Day and Date Display, indicator, Swarovski Crystal, leather ban -, SHE-3030GL-2A, SHE-4800GL-2A, SHE-3806GL-2A
MAY-2015 - SHEEN: Swarovski Crystals, Day and date indicator, 50M water resistance
- SHE-3806D-7A, SHE-3806SPG-7A, SHE-3806PG-9A, SHE-3806GD-9A, SHE-3806B-1A, SHE-3806BR-5A
MAY-2015 - SHEEN: Swarovski Crystals, Super illuminator, day and date indicator - SHE-3807D-7A, SHE-3807SPG-7A
MAY-2015 - SHEEN: Swarovski Crystals, 50M water resistance, Lame powder - SHE-3808D-7A, SHE-3808SG-7A, SHE-3808PG-9A
MAY-2015 - Standard Analog: Men's, 50M water resistance, Genuine leather band
- MTP-E112D-1AV, MTP-E112L-1AV, MTP-E112L-7AV
MAY-2015 - Standard Analog: Men's, 100M water resistance, date display, rose gold ion plated case, genuine leather band
- MTP-1383RL-5AV, MTP-1383RL-7AV
MAY-2015 - Standard Analog: Men's, 100M water resistance, date display, rose gold ion plated case, genuine leather band - MTP-1376RL-1AV, MTP-1376RL-1BV, MTP-1376RL-7AV, MTP-1376RL-7BV
APR-2015 - G-SHOCK: GRAVITYMASTER, aviation, bearing, temperature sensor, illuminator
- GA-1100-1A, GA-1100-2A, GA-1100-3AE
APR Slideshow
APR-2015 - G-SHOCK: GULFMASTER, Triple sensor, smart access, tough solar, multiband6, maritime
- GWN-1000E-8A, GWN-1000F-2A
APR-2015 - G-SHOCK: Protector-equipped, tough-looking, big case, fashionable colors, trends
- GA-110DN-4A, GA-110DN-6A, GD-400DN-4, GD-400DN-8
APR-2015 - Baby-G: Dual Dial World Time, world-traveling, beach resort, world map face design
- BGA-190-1B, BGA-190-3B, BGA-190-4B, BGA-190-7B, BGA-190-9B
APR-2015 - Baby-G: G-LIDE, Tide Graph, surfing, 10-year battery life
- BGA-180-4B3, BGA-180-9B, BGD-180FB-2, BGD-180FB-7
APR-2015 - Baby-G: Resort design, big case - BGA-150F-1A, BGA-150F-3A, BGA-150F-7A
APR-2015 - Edifice: Infiniti Red Bull Racing Limited Edition, Bluetooth, Tough Solar
- EFR-542RBM-1A, EFR-543RBM-1A, EFR-543RBP-1A, EFR-544RB-1A, EQB-510RBM-1A
APR-2015 - SHEEN: Swarovski Crystals, retrograde day indicator, water resistant, pink gold ion-plated, SHN-3011PG-9A, SHN-3011SG-7A
APR-2015 - SHEEN: Swarovski Crystals, day indicator, 50M water resistance, SHE-3035-7A, SHE-3035L-4A, SHE-3035L-7A
APR-2015 - SHEEN: Swarovski Crystals, date display, 50M water resistance, SHE-4805D-7A, SHE-4805SG-7A, SHE-4805BSG-1A
APR-2015 - Standard Analog: Men's Diver Look, super illuminator, ant-reverse rotary bezel, 100M water resistance
- MTD-1079D-1AV, MTD-1079D-7A1V, MTD-1079D-8AV, MTD-1080-1AV, MTD-1080-7AV, MTD-1080-8AV
APR-2015 - Standard Analog: Men's, 50M water resistance, day and date indicator
- MTP-E305D-2AV, MTP-E305D-7AV, MTP-E305L-5AV, MTP-E305L-7AV, MTP-E305SG-1AV, MTP-E305SG-9AV
APR-2015 - Standard Analog: Ladies, 50M water resistance, day and date indicator
- LTP-E306D-4AV, LTP-E306D-7AV, LTP-E306L-4AV, LTP-E306L-7AV, LTP-E306RG-7AV, LTP-E306SG-1AV
APR-2015 - Calculator: water-protected, dust-proof, detach & wash keypad
- WD-320MT, WM-320MT, WD-220MS-BU, WD-220MS-WE, WM-220MS-BU, WM-220MS-WE
APR-2015 - Electronic Cash Register: SD CARD, COLOR Stylish
-SE-S100-S-GD, SD-S100-S-SR, SE-S100-S-RD, SE-S100-S-BK,  SE-S100-M-GD, SE-S100-M-BK
MAR-2015 - G-Shock: FROGMAN in Camouflage - GF-8250CM-2MAR Slideshow
MAR-2015 - G-Shock: RANGEMAN in Camouflage - GW-9400CMJ-3
MAR-2015 - G-Shock: S Series, Rose motif - GMA-S110F-1A, GMA-S110F-2A, GMA-S110F-4A, GMA-S110F-7A
MAR-2015 - G-Shock: S Series, Gold motif - GMA-S110GD-2A, GMA-S110GD-4A1, GMA-S110GD-4A2
MAR-2015 - PROTREK: Triple sensor ver. 3, Titanium band, outdoor gear, multiband6, tough solar - PRW-3500T-7
MAR-2015 - EDIFICE: Super illuminator, Genuine leather band, Pink gold ion plated, leather band
- EFR-547D-1AV, EFR-547D-2AV, EFR-547SG-7AV, EFR-547L-1AV, EFR-547L-7AV
MAR-2015 - Standard Analog, His and Hers pairs, 50-meter water resistance, day and date display, Gold
MAR-2015 - Standard Analog: His and Hers pairs - MTP-E304GB-2AV, LTP-E304GB-2AV, MTP-E304GBL-2AV, LTP-E304GBL-2AV
MAR-2015 - Standard Analog, Ladies, Gorgeous lame sprinkled bezel
- LTP-1391D-2AV, LTP-1391D-4AV, LTP-1391D-7AV, LTP-1391SG-7AV, LTP-1391RG-7AV, LTP-1391L-4AV, LTP-1391L-7AV
MAR-2015 - Clock: pocket watch look, small second dial - IQ-66-5, IQ-66-8
FEB-2015 - G-SHOCK: Polarization marble pattern, 10-year battery life - GD-X6900PM-1, GA-110PM-1A, DW-5600PM-1
FEB-2015 - PROTREK: Triple Sensor, Smart Access, Tough Movement,Tough Solar, Wave Ceptor, Multband6, slim, PRW-6000YT-1B
FEB-2015 - G-SHOCK: Big Case, LED illumination, rotary switch - GA-400A-2A, GA-400A-6A, GA-400A-9AFEB Slideshow
FEB-2015 - G-SHOCK: Heathered Colors Series, 10-year battery life
-GD-X6900HT-1, GD-X6900HT-2, GD-X6900HT-3, GD-X6900HT-4, GD-X6900HT-7, GD-X6900HT-8, GD-X6900HT-9
Baby-G: Runner's Watch, wide digital face, sportswear - BG-6903-3, BG-6903-4B, BG-6903-7C
FEB-2015 - PROTREK: Triple Sensor, touch elegance, outdoor gear- PRW-3500-1, PRW-3500Y-1, PRW-3500Y-4
FEB-2015 - EDIFICE: Neobrite index, cloth band, leather band,
- EFR-546D-1AV, EFR-546SG-1AV, EFR-546SG-7AV, EFR-546L-1AV, EFR-546L-7AV, EFR-546C-1AV, EFR-546C-2AV
FEB-2015 - EDIFICE: Large Case, Powerful design, Black ion plated -EFR-538BK-2AV
FEB-2015 - SHEEN: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, LAME powder embedded, elegant design, Gold ion plated - SHE-3803GD-9A
FEB-2015 - SHEEN: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, pink gold ion plated, dress-up wear - SHE-3030BSG-7A
FEB-2015 - Standard Analog: Men, 100-meter water resistance, LED light- FT-500WC-1BV, FT-500WC-3BV, FT-500WC-5BV
FEB-2015 - Standard Analog: Men, water resistant, easy-to-read Arabic numerals - MQ-71-1B, MQ-71-2B, MQ-71-4B
FEB-2015 - Standard Analog: Men, 50M water resistant, day and date display - MTF-117BD-1AV, MTF-117BD-9AV, MTF-117BL-5A, MTF-117BL-9AV
FEB-2015 - Standard Analog: Men, 50-meter water resistance, date display - MTF-118BD-1AV, MTF-118BD-9AV, MTF-118B-1AV, MTF-118G-2AV
FEB-2015 - Standard Analog: Ladies, 50-meter water resistance, day and date, feminine design
- LTP-E401D-7AV, LTP-E401G-9AV, LTP-E401PG-9AV, LTP-E401L-7AV, LTP-E401GL-9AV, LTP-E401PL-9AV
FEB-2015 - Standard Analog: Ladies, 50M water resistance, feminine design, rose gold ion plated
- LTP-E402D-7AV, LTP-E402G-9AV, LTP-E402PG-9AV, LTP-E402L-7AV, LTP-E402GL-9AV, LTP-E402PL-9AV
FEB-2015 - CLOCK: Dual Time dial, classical look, brown - IQ-65-5
JAN-2015 - Baby-G: X-girl Tie Up Model - BGD-500XG-4JAN Slideshow
JAN-2015 - G-Shock: Bluetooth music-themed G'MIX watches - GBA-400-3B, GBA-400-4B, GBA-400-8B
JAN-2015 - Baby-G: Sporty sneaker colors, casual fashion - BA-110SN-1A, BA-110SN-3A, BA-110SN-4A, BA-110SN-7A
JAN-2015 - G-SHOCK: Military black series - GD-120MB-1, GA-110MB-1A, GD-400MB-1, GA-100MB-1A
JAN-2015 - G-SHOCK: Big Case, Crazy Gold Series -GA-110GD-9B2, GA-110GD-9B, GA-200GD-9B2, GA-200GD-9B
JAN-2015 - G-SHOCK: GRAVITYMASTER, Neon Illuminator, Neo-brite luminous, digital compass - GA-1000-9G
JAN-2015 - Standard Analog: Men's, genuine leather, day and date indicator
- MTP-E302D-1A, MTP-E302D-7A, MTP-E302G-9A, MTP-E302L-1A, MTP-E302L-7A
JAN-2015 - Standard Analog: Men's, genuine leather, day and date indicator
- MTP-E107D-1A, MTP-E107D-7A, MTP-E107G-9A, MTP-E107L-1A, MTP-E107L-7A
JAN-2015 - Standard Analog, Men's, genuine leather, Gold Ion plated
- MTP-E303D-1AV, MTP-E303D-7AV, MTP-E303SG-1AV, MTP-E303SG-9AV, MTP-E303L-1AV, MTP-E303L-7AV, MTP-E303GL-1AV, MTP-E303GL-9AV
JAN-2015 - Standard Analog: Men's, genuine leather, 50M water resistance - MTP-E108D-1AV, MTP-E108D-7AV, MTP-E108L-1AV, MTP-E108L-7AV
JAN-2015 - CLOCK: Stylish timekeeping, light blue, green, pink, yellow - IQ-64-2, IQ-64-3, IQ-64-4, IQ-64-9
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